Tree Service Spring TX

Professional services for over 15 years – fully licensed & insured


We know that landscaping can make a big impression on neighbors and potential home buyers while also pleasing your own eyes. We have a fully licensed and insured tree service crew here in Spring, TX that will be happy to update or maintain a beautiful look around your home with services that range from simple tree pruning to tree removal, or tree stump grinding, and also perform a thorough diagnoses of any potential illnesses.



Our tree service company has been caring for trees in the Spring area for almost 15 years. We offer convenient appointments throughout the week, including Saturdays, to accommodate your busy schedule. We pride ourselves on our detail-oriented approach that ensures an attractive canopy of trees and years of shade from the hot summer sun.



We provide the following services:

– Tree Pruning And Removal
– Tree Stump Grinding
– Tree Demolition
– Lot Clearing and Leveling
– Trash & Debris Removal

(servicing Spring & surrounding areas)


Houston Demolition and Trees

Whether you just moved to a new community, your current landscape specialist and tree service provider retired, or you’re just tired of doing it yourself, it’s time to discover a top-notch demolition, land and lot clearing, landscaping and tree service right here in Houston.

If you’ve found our website, you’re in luck because we’re happily providing our services to the community, we really care about our customers and reputation, and we work hard to make sure our clients are happy every step of the way.

As far as our services go, we focus a large part of our efforts performing many different types of tree services including tree pruning, removing dying or dead trees and tree limbs, stump grinding, tree cutting, tree removal, tree trimming, landscaping and land clearing, and much more. So if you’re looking for a top-notch contracting and tree service company to meet your needs, you’ve found one of the best that Spring, TX has to offer.

What You Can Expect from Houston Demolition and Trees

When hiring a professional organization like Houston Demolition and Trees, you have the unique opportunity of dealing with an industry expert that has your best interest in mind. You can expect the following from this respectable tree service company:

✶ A top-notch reputation – the great thing about our contracting and Houston tree service company is we have an excellent reputation in this industry. We have been serving the Spring Texas area for many years now and continue to pride ourselves on our fantastic service, affordable prices, and a long list of previous and current happy customers. We’re excited to continue providing top level tree services to the community and would love to help you now or in the future.

✶ Easy to understand expert advice – we realize that many of our clients need help to determine the next necessary steps in their land cleaning or landscaping endeavors. With that in mind, we will always take time out of our busy schedule to advise members of the Houston community whether they are our clients or not. We love providing expert advice to those in need and happily explain our reasoning behind our recommendations. If you need help determining where to take your landscape, feel free to contact us at any time for easy to understand expert advice. It’s our privilege and honor to serve you.

✶ Fantastic value for your money – more than anything else, we want our customers to feel 100% satisfied with our services. And we understand that many people will not feel satisfied if they believe they paid too much for tree removal services. This is why we go above and beyond to make sure our services are low cost, affordable, and easily within our target markets’ price range. So residents of Houston will be happy to know that we offer incredible services at low prices. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for a free consultation to learn more about our low-cost pricing structure.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming and What We Can Do for You

We offer our customers tree trimming services because we want the health of their trees to improve, and this is the main basis for trimming trees. By trimming your trees, you will experience a number of excellent benefits that you may not realize even exist. You’ll reduce hazardous sightlines, improve your property’s aesthetic appeal, reduce potential risks to your property, and have healthy, well-kept trees.

We offer a number of different tree trimming and pruning services to meet our customers in Houston’s needs. They include the following:

✶ Crown clearing – crown clearing is an important service because it helps us remove weakly attached, dead, crowded, dying, diseased branches and branches that are not vigorous. We can also do this to remove waterspouts that are on the tree crown that no longer need to be there.

✶ Crown reduction – if a tree is growing too high or spreading out too far, we will trim or prune the branches to shorten the height or thin it out. We use thinning cuts because they are the most effective way to maintain the tree’s structural integrity plus preserve the tree’s natural form.

✶ Crown raising – this technique is used to remove a tree’s lower branches in an effort to provide better clearance for vehicles, buildings, and pedestrians.

✶ Crown restoration – if the appearance and structure of a tree has been severely pruned, we can use our proprietary techniques to improve the overall structure and make it look healthier and more natural once again.

✶ Crown thinning – our crown thinning process is used to make the crown thinner, which is obviously self-explanatory. We’ll do this to help light better penetrate the tree and have better movement of air throughout the crown. The light stimulation will help improve interior foliage and branch’s strength and taper. Thinning also helps lessen the weight of heavy limbs.

If you find yourself in need of tree trimming services, please call our expert organization sooner rather than later. We’d love to lend a helping hand so call us at your earliest convenience.

4 Reasons Why We Provide Tree Removal Services for Our Top Houston Clients

Whether you realize it or not, there are a number of different reasons why we often provide tree removal services for many of our clients. Things like awkward growth patterns, damage from storms and more are the reasons why we typically remove trees for our customers in Houston.

We’ll now share our top four reasons with you below. They are:

✶ Death – trees have life-and-death cycles just like everything else that’s living. They are born, grow, reach maturity, and then they will eventually die. Some trees only live 15 to 20 years. Other trees can literally live for thousands of years. At the end of the day, a dead tree isn’t something you want to leave on your property. It will deteriorate eventually and create a potential hazard if it’s not removed because it could fall down and damage your property or the people on it.

✶ Disease – there are a number of different external reasons why tree disease can come about. Some of these reasons can be living in others might be nonliving. If a tree is diseased, it does not necessarily have to be removed. Our expert tree removal staff will come to your home, take a look at the tree, and tell you whether or not we feel the tree can be treated. Our ability to accurately diagnose the problem is crucial to this practice and it’s the reason why we’ll be able to tell you whether or not your tree needs to be removed.\

✶ Landscaping – many of our customers ask us to remove trees for landscaping reasons. Maybe they have a large tree in front of their home and it’s blocking natural light from coming in through the windows. Or maybe they just don’t like where a particular tree happens to be on their property. In situations like this, we will remove healthy trees from the property to make our customers happy. We also provide top-notch stump grinding services if we are not capable of completely removing the tree and transplant it in another location.

✶ Property threats – sometimes tree root networks consume much of the underground land around a property. If the tree is near a building or home, the root system may threaten the foundation of the home or building. If this is the case, the tree and root system will need to be removed so the building or home does not suffer from any unnecessary structural damage.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Houston residents need to take advantage of tree removal services. If any of these reasons resonate with you today, feel free to call our expert staff. We will gladly come to your property and provide you with a detailed explanation and price quote.

Why Hire Us for Emergency Tree Removal

You may not realize it now, but it’s possible you’ll find yourself in need of emergency tree removal services sooner rather than later. If this situation were ever to come about in your life, you need an expert tree removal company that you can trust. Plus you need a company that also focuses on tree beautification to make your property look beautiful once again after your tree problem has been taken care of.

You should hire us for a couple of reasons. They include:

✶ Expert landscaping services – if a huge storm were to come about and rip a tree up from your property, you’re going to have a nasty hole on your lawn that needs to be taken care of. After we remove the tree, we will fix up your lawn so you’ll never know that a tree ripped up from the ground in that particular location.

✶ Prevent further damage to your property – when a tree falls on your property, it can create serious damage. If you’re unlucky, it may end up going through your roof or the side of your house. We will expertly remove this tree quickly and efficiently so you can begin repairs to your property and recover from the damage as soon as possible.


We are happy to provide residents of Spring Texas with our expert tree removal and landscape services. Feel free to contact us at 713-305-6562 any time to ask us questions or to get a free quote about one or more of our services.